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Under the landmark 1BestariNet project led by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MoE), we are proud to deliver a cloud-based virtual learning platform and high-speed Internet connectivity to 10,000 schools nationwide.
The 1BestariNet project seeks to transform the education arena and establish Malaysia as a model of excellence in integrated, Internet-enabled learning by providing all state schools with 4G connectivity to Frog's Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE), which offers exceptional control enabling teachers, admin staff and even pupils to fully embed their learning platform into the school's working practices and tailor it to the needs of their school.
This government initiative will make Malaysia the first country in the world to make 4G broadband access and a VLE available to all schools throughout the nation.

MoE Initiative
In line with the government's commitment towards providing quality education and bridging the digital divide.
Better Internet for All
Enabling and access to the VLE through our high-speed 4G Yes network.
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Proven Learning Platform
A world-class Virtual Learning Environment with a proven track record of over 12 years.
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Nationwide Adoption
Connectivity and access to the Frog VLE will be delivered to 10,000 schools nationwide.
Borderless Education
Bridging the digital divide in Malaysia and around the globe.
Regional Education Hub
Establishing Malaysia as a model of excellence for Internet-enabled learning.